How to Spend It app

The How to Spend It app delivers the content of more than 60 issues of the FT’s multi-award winning luxury lifestyle magazine, plus exclusive daily postings by its top contributors.

With glamour and authority in equal measure, it showcases the very best in fast cars and fabulous fashion, insider travel and exquisite homes, covetable gadgets and collectable watches – and everything in between.

How to Spend It app FAQ

  • How can I download the app?
    • You can access app’s download page by visiting its entry in the iTunes app store here.
    • You can also access the app by visiting in your iPad’s browser. You should be automatically redirected from there to the How to Spend It iTunes app store entry.
  • How do I launch the app?
    • Once downloaded, the app should be saved to your home screen. You can access the app by tapping the How to Spend It icon.
  • I’ve downloaded the app and tapped the icon but it won’t load, why?
    • First try checking your network connection. The app will not load properly on first attempt if your iPad is not connected to the internet and you should receive a message alerting you to this fact. If you don’t, or if you have a different problem, please email describing the problem.
  • I’ve loaded the app successfully before but now some of my menu options greyed out, why?
    • If you aren’t online when you open the app then certain functions are not available. Users must be online to use the Search, Update and Load more buttons.
  • I’ve opened the app and I have an active connection, why can’t I see any menu options?
    • When you first load up the app, the top right hand corner should display a “loading content” message to indicate that the initial content download is taking place. As the content loads you should see the Content, Gift Guide, Marketplace and Search buttons appear on the top of the homepage.
    • When the initial content has downloaded in full, the loading content message should be replaced by a button that reads “update”.
  • How do I search the app for content?
    • Simply tap the search button at the top of the homepage and you can search content from current and previous editions of the magazine.
  • How does the content in the app differ to the desktop website and the print magazine?
    • The app and website are both updated on a daily basis, with content from the magazine plus exclusive blogs, news and columns. The content available on the app and the website are identical. The latest content is promoted on the home page of the app and also in the Contents tab, sorted by Latest and by Theme e.g. Fashion.
  • What devices does the app work on?
    • The app is designed to work on all iPad devices.
  • Will the app be available in portrait orientation?
    • The app is available in landscape orientation only, with no plans as yet to make it available in portrait.
  • How do I know that I’m viewing the latest content?
    • Users can “Update” the content in the app at any point so long as they are connected to a network.
  • What is the Auction Room?
    • This is a reverse auction service, featuring exclusive products selected by FT. The Auction Room can be found within the Marketplace tab. Click the “browse and bid now” button to load the HTML site in an in-app browser window. Users must tap on the “Close” button to return to the app.