Economic calendar

The economic calendar provides global coverage of important economic reports and events. You can use it to stay up to date with the latest data including forecasts and actuals. Below is some helpful information on how to get the most out of the tool.

Economic calendar FAQ

  • Where is the Economic Calendar located?
    • The tool can be accessed here. It can also be foundĀ on the markets data homepage, or in the markets data main navigation bar.
  • Is the tool free?
    • You can access today’s content and 1 month of historical content for free. You have to register/subscribe to to view any future events or to see the market impact and related Lexicon definition for certain events.
  • What regions does the calendar cover?
    • There is global coverage, although the specific regions that we cover can be found using the map function in the calendar.
  • Where is the data sourced from for the calendar?
    • The data is provided by a company called 4cast
  • Are definitions available for the event types?
    • You can view available definitions by selecting the blue arrow next to each event. If available, a Lexicon definition will show here
  • Can I save a calendar and view it at a later date?
    • There is a saved search function which allows you to filter the results and name that filter for future use
  • What timezone are the events available in?
    • GMT